What is making this work....Your information is Handed To Customers !

Q. What does your company do?

A. We promote and advertise your business

Q. How do you promote my business?                                                                                                      

A. We have face to face contact with just over 60,000 people each year, we attend over 11 shows in 7 states, IN KY, TN, VA, plus twice a year our information is handed out in Savannah, GA, Orlando and St. Augustine FL. We attend outdoor expos, festivals, wood craft shows. Where we hand out our post card size ad with our website on it that directs them to your business this is placed in a "Thank You Bag" if you wish you may provide us with flyers, brochures or business cards to place in the bag for your business. We are getting good feedback from customers and vendors that look through our packet.


Q. How do I know if you hand out my information?

A. Each year after our show season ends we place new pictures of all the locations we attended in our photo gallery on each promotional site we offer. Kyoenterprises, Inc. is dedicated in helping you...help your business.

Q. What is your price range?


We have three promotional sites below and the price range is explained on each site under the What We Do Tab. Our ad programs run from $99.00 per year to $120.00 per year, not a bad price to have your information handed to customers and vendors.

Local:          www.visitharlancounty.com            

Regional:       www.discovereasternky.com      

National:      www.mobilerackcardservice.com